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We address the 4 dimensions of human change for the organisations

mental, physical, emotional & spiritual

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is an organisational change initiative that aims to address mental, physical, emotional & spiritual dimensions of human change. It activates the revolutionary potential embedded in the organisation; starting with the hearts of its people. 
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Many organisations had found themselves in a phase of rapid change and development. But today’s Corporate-Sector world-wide is in one way or another affected by the multi-component crisis (Covid 19, slow down of the economy, home office, interpersonal relationships) that takes place on the global stage. Now, the companies are called to respond to its many implications in economy, health, ecology, culture and technology.


A loss of purpose, meaning and motivation in present high pressure careers, a growing ambition to do meaningful work and be of service to the world.  


A lack of human connection, sense of belonging and feeling of community in daily life and at work, a greater responsibility for organisations to perform social tasks


A decrease in the effectiveness of company-wide, top-down strategies and interventions, a growing need for bottom-up, tailored solutions with a local application.   


The planet and all its life forms are suffering ever more greatly under the pressure of human systems, organisations have the power, political influence and resources to change the tides.


With our work, we don’t serve a one-size-fits-all methodology, but instead stimulate small groups of people to discover their own transformative potential. Throughout our collaboration, we offer transformational tools and techniques that allow teams to design and implement a transition project of their own.  


“Meaning is at the core of all organisational endeavours, starting with the dreams, visions and ambitions of its people”.  



RE-BOOT program is a process that works to actively transform organisations from the inside out. All our work in this sense is ‘tailor-made’, and aims to realise positive change on an individual, collective, organisational & world level. In all of our projects, we draw inspiration from a wide variety of skills, competences and resources. 

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